If you see these warning signs, it may be time to have the difficult conversation.

Certain things are universally dreaded: tax season, dieting—and telling aging relatives their driving skills have declined.

Aging doesn’t cause bad driving; however, many older adults are at higher risk of accidents because of medications, or medical conditions such as hearing problems, Alzheimer’s disease and arthritis.

An aging parent or grandparent may no longer be a safe driver if he or she:

  • Stops at a green light
  • Stops when there is no stop sign
  • Mistakes the gas pedal for the brake
  • Finds traffic signs or signals confusing
  • Runs red lights without realizing it
  • Gets lost in familiar places
  • Changes lanes without looking

If you believe it’s no longer safe for your parent or grandparent to drive, talk to a health care provider or rehabilitation center for guidance. They can counsel older drivers about their options and provide adaptive equipment and services.